What We Do for Clients

What We Do for Clients

What We Do for Clients

What We Do for Clients

Our Genistar representatives provide a financial education for our clients. When people understand how money works, they can make changes that have a big impact on their financial future. Watch these videos to see what some of our reps have to say about helping clients.

Joyce testimonial


It’s a very sad thing to lose a child, but I’m just thankful that we were able to give her even that tiny little bit of comfort, in this time when she really needs it.

bevin testimonial
bevin testimonial


I was happy that I had been able to replace the inadequate policy they had, which wouldn’t have covered her condition. We were able to provide them with a check so she can get the best treatment.

betty testimonial
betty testimonial
betty testimonial


Here at Genistar, we make sure that families have their money working as hard as they work for themselves, and also leave a legacy for their children.

henry testimonial


When I recruited them into the business, they were able to get a mortgage due to the education I imparted to them.

pedro testimonial


It’s a real pleasure to have come across Genistar and be able to be educated financially and see the benefits of it, and in the long-term, gain financial freedom.

anton testimonial


When I spoke to the client, she had around £12,500 in debt, she sent me a text last week to tell me by the end of summer that she would be debt free.

alan testimonial


They were great income earners, but they had no plan. Their debt was going to take more than 100 years to pay off. Through debt stacking, we helped them put together a plan to become debt free in eight years.

joy testimonial


Genistar are here to help you through your good times and your bad times. We’re here to help families.

steve testimonial


What we do really makes a difference. The life insurance payout meant that the family could keep their home, pay off their debts and fund the children’s education.

barbara testimonial


Protection is not just about life insurance, it’s about your wellbeing and the value that what you do brings into your life and to your family.

gerry testimonial


The client will be able to pay off his mortgage around 15 years earlier than expected through a mixture of making bi-weekly payments and generating extra income by working with us part-time.

olivia testimonial


The clients were so happy they gave us 35 referrals of people who needed to hear about the concepts we had shared with them.

joycelyn and john testimonial

Jocelyn & John

We assisted one client in getting their credit report cleared up, so they could qualify for a mortgage. We helped another family get protection for their children.

carolina testimonial


Genistar’s financial education changed everything for my family. We became debt free in 20 months. That’s when I decided I wanted to help other families do the same.

daryl testimonial


We freed up over £1,200 per month for the family. We saved the home, we saved the car, and we helped the children continue their education.

caz testimonial


I helped this client make a plan to save a 30,000 deposit for their mortgage within two years, and at the same time, pay off 30,000 of debt.

arvin testimonial


When the widow received the life insurance payout, she said, “We’ve lost our loved one, but we can continue to live.”

aitee testimonial


The clients were able to pay off their credit cards, shave three years off their mortgage, become debt free, and pay for their daughter’s education.

dolly testimonial


Because the husband had taken the proper protection, when he died, his widow was able to pay off her mortgage and start a small business to support her in the future.

amando testimonial


Not only had I saved her money, but I gave her a better package. She was so happy with what I did for her, that both she and her husband joined my team.

carolina testimonial


I was so happy to help one family be able to get their dream home. Another client I helped to claim on her policy after she had a heart attack. The extra money helped her family during a difficult time.

sandra testimonial


The client can now rest assured that should she fall ill or die, the family would not lose their home. 

barbara testimonial


The client was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25. Her serious illness policy paid out, and because of the ‘booster’ option it paid twice as much.

For more information, please contact your Genistar representative or enquire here.

For more information, please contact your Genistar representative or enquire here.

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