Life and serious illness protection

Life and serious illness protection

The foundation of any financial plan is to protect against the risk of the loss of the breadwinner’s income. At Genistar we help families analyse their protection needs.

Our life and serious illness partner provides comprehensive life cover and serious illness cover that is relevant to your needs and most of all pays out when you need it. They don’t believe in an ‘all or nothing’ approach like some other insurers who will end your policy, or increase your premiums, once you’ve made a claim. They believe in cover that’s there when you need it and can reward you when you don’t.

They are the only insurer that gives you the opportunity to reduce your premiums every year, without compromising the quality of the cover. That’s because they believe if you look after your health with their unique programme, you’re less likely to claim, so we think it’s only fair to reward you with lower premiums.


Their life and serious illness protection plan has been designed to give you the peace of mind you’d expect and helps you get even more out of your cover.